Yacht Crew Administration

Travel arrangements:
  • Efficient visa processing and cost-effective travel solutions for all your travel arrangements.
MLC certified employment & administration services:
  • Social security contribution handling (when applicable) across various jurisdictions
  • Management of highly qualified and experienced captains and crew members
  • 24/7 Emergency service and support
  • SEAs (Seafarer's Employment Agreements) approved by all key yacht flag state jurisdictions
  • Maintenance of crew documentation
  • Online client platform "PAL" for crew access: travel, documentation, and hours of rest
Complain/grievance resolution:
  • We take responsibility for resolving crew disputes, handling disciplinary matters, and managing crew terminations in strict accordance with approved MLC procedures.
  • Our team provides unwavering support to the captain in all matters related to crew relations and crew discipline, ensuring a harmonious and compliant onboard environment.
Crew medical services:
  • We offer specialised services for the recruitment of doctors and nurses.
  • Our services include efficient placement.
  • We provide comprehensive administration support for crew medical needs.

Yacht Crew Placement

Payroll administration services:
  • Crew payroll administration, accounting, payments, reporting and payslips
  • Compliance with national MLC social security regulations and associated statutory reporting
  • Monitoring of crew leave records, crew rotation, planning, and working hours
Crew services:
  • Shore base employment solutions (during newbuilding periods or specific requirements like nurses, nannies or body guards)

Yacht Crew Training

We guarantee that all crew members receive training in full compliance with regulatory requirements. Training plays a pivotal role in ensuring on-board safety. Our fleet conducts regular drills to practice practical safety protocols, emergency responses, and first-aid procedures.

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