On-site supervision

Our seasoned technical supervisor has extensive experience in yacht shipyards. He leads effective project management providing invaluable on-site presence supported by an in-house team of experts.

Regular technical supervision

Throughout the project's lifecycle, we maintain vigilant oversight of the shipyard, designers, and key sub-contractors. This close monitoring covers construction, fit-out, trials and delivery phases.

Continuous quality control

Stringent quality control measures are rigorously upheld at each construction stage, ensuring consistently high standards.

Adherence to regulations

We stay abreast of evolving international technical standards, construction practices and statutory regulations. Our expertise guides the shipyard and designer in overcoming technical and design challenges to fulfill unique owner requirements.

Liaison with authorities

We actively facilitate communication with classification and flag state authorities, ensuring strict regulatory compliance.

Owner’s advisory

Owners receive clear, practical advice throughout the project, keeping them well-informed and satisfied as their yacht takes shape according to their expectations.

Interior coordination

We actively support interior design coordination and procurement of owner's supplies, overseeing inspections, commissioning, customs procedures and interior setup.

Cost management

Meticulous cost management includes alterations beyond the original shipyard yacht specifications, ensuring budget adherence.


We maintain regular, transparent communication throughout the project, providing owners with continuous updates on their yacht's technical status.

Final inspection

Prior to delivery, we conduct a comprehensive survey of the finished yacht, meticulously verifying fulfillment of all owner requirements and delivery protocols.

Testing supervision

We oversee testing of the yacht and equipment, including dock and sea trials, ensuring smooth and safe operation.

Pre-operational support

As the project nears completion, we offer invaluable support to the captain and crew. This includes guidance for efficient yacht operation, regulatory compliance, defining crew duties, training, and overseeing final classification and flag state operational certification and documentation processes.

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